Five Steps Of App Lifecycle And How Mendix Low Code Platform Provides It

Mendix low code platform

Easy to use, and has less or noncoding is not the only reason Mendix low code platform excels in app development. When it comes to business and app creation, the low code program from Mendix comes with the unrivaled time-to-value principle for its app development lifecycle. But what are those steps and aspects? Here is a bit of detail on the Mendix lifecycle function

Steps on Mendix lifecycle

  • Ideate

Ideate can be the first step or the next step following the existence of the app. When the business tries to completely make a new software or app, ideate is the first iterate step. It is where the developer or business alike tries to find a new approach to solve the problem. The problems relate to the business condition, such as better engagement or automation.

  • Develop

Developing is the next point after ideating the app. It is also an iterative process, where the business people and developers try to convert ideas to app logic. This is where many coding and programming take place. In many cases, the process can take a long time and demand a certain amount of related knowledge. But Mendix makes it easier with the visual-based model.

  • Test

Testing steps are meant to gather feedback and check out the consistency, and the app function. Thankfully, Mendix low code platform has an automatic process to help the testing model. It will create a better progress chart, information, bug details, loss, and other issues on the brand-new app or addition. It is a pretty vital step where the test help brings feedback to perfect the final version.

  • Deploy

Deploying the app is part of the collaboration function in Mendix. The platform allows users or owners to deploy the final or the progress version after feedback, review, and revision. Mendix uses the function of the cloud and its premises to bring the best function for the apps. Take the example of the SAP function in it.

  • Operate

In the operating process, the model app reaches the final part of the collaboration. The Mendix low code platform is not only capable to run the app, but the program can also provide constant monitoring or control over the app. Everything is automatic, especially with the help of centralized management and government.

Each step explains what kind of procedure and function the Mendix can provide. The model specifies a complete lifecycle, in which the process of developing and running the app is pretty much full circle. It composes of an iterative process, feedback, and collaboration, which will go around as a circle. Soltius Indonesia can help you implement and develop the best strategy for Mendix in business. Info : The quality of SOLTIUS SAP implementation services is also backed by its status as a Certified National Implementation Partner.

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